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Canelo vs. Chavez Jr.

No copyright infringement intended. Best comment Carlos Ochoa: pinche canelo sitiene mucho talento saludos desde culiacan Eloy Perez: con esas canciones de Joan Sebastian.

Yeah chavez gonna have problems. But in boxing you never know how it's gonna turn out. One things for sure though, there will be a LOT of blood. They'll deffs cut either or both themselves open. Can't wait! Devion Jones: Johny Hero so he can have the endurance to throw power all night if he has to..

Canelo Álvarez

I train the same way because it takes all your energy away throwing those shots Entrenar y cobrar mucho dinero y que en las peleas te pongan "bixeadores" que no te peguen, hasta Yo le entro al box. The Random videos and how to's guy: minuto no mames Pinche putazo que le dio!

Luis Hernandez: a chavez le van a tener que rebotar muchos putazos para que aguante lre Canelo is in beast mode Patrick Jones: this is going to be a good fight marco perez: that left MrTinflo: me voy a llevar una buena lana y voy ir a ver la pelea en uno de esos pinches cagaderos de mala muerte donde la raza le gusta ir a regalar su dinero a lo pendejo y le voy a apostar a todos los pinches tlacuaches ignorantes que piensen que el jr puede ganar!!!

Daniel: If you compare the experience from when Canelo fought Jose Cotto at the age of 19 and then his little brother Miguel Cotto Canelo just keeps improving with time.

This isn't even his final form! Canelo vs Chavez Jr is gonna be a bad ass fight! Why did Cabello give up the belt? Emilio cabriales gonzalez: ora si julio te cargo la verga no vas ni poder aguantar un putaso Lagrimas Prestegui: el chavez tambien anda practicando su pegada y rapides se va a poner chingon la pelea!!!!

Mike Camacho: fadethetrade it would be a mistake for canelo to focus on a knockout.

  • No copyright infringement intended.
  • Siento ya tengo mucha experiencia, ya he estado en peleas grandes y es algo que siempre imagine. Hare lo que sea necesario para ganar esta pelea, para hacerla memorable y emocionante.
  • Canelo vs. Chavez has been highly anticipated.
  • In Mexico, it is common for people to associate red hair with the Irish soldiers who fought for Mexico in the Saint Patrick's Battalion during the Mexican—American War. In his first 19 months as a professional, he knocked out 11 of his 13 documented opponents, all of whom were significantly older.
  • Alvarez took the bout , and on the judges' scorecards. The fight, which took place at Las Vegas' T-Mobile.

I think canelo will showcase more boxer in this fight. El chidoJuan: siris Canelo doesn't stop improving. JR should give him a good fight. RicRokkka: XL lol beefy smith? Canelo for the Win!!! All this punching on this video didn't stop tomato can Liam smith until the 9th round.

Canelo might not beat Chavez. Need I say more?

Canelo vs. Chavez Jr.: Round

Juan Carlos Zetina: Eso es todo canelo estoy con Tigo. Fight Triple G, fake. Luis Quintero: Un puerco entrenando aun culon raul correa garcia: What should he prefer a very fat sparring?

Cannel will be super strong RHAUL maldonado: desayuna,come y cena box, todo un profesional isotericstrive radwandiamond golovkin hasn't signed the contract need we say more Richard LeBlanc: Canelo entrena escuchando secreto de amor? Canelo is going to eat his ass up with shots all over Hugo Garcia: chavez deveria de ver Como se entrena de verdad.

Ricardo Martinez: Bruce lee Chavez didn't land one punch, I'm from the future.

Ale Cerdan: Grita como puta jonathan Avelino: le falta mas soltura mas juego de piernas aun se ve un poco piedra raul correa garcia: What about avoiding Golovkin? He's fighting a far dangerous opponent than Lemeuix. Chavez Jr. Is bigger, stronger, and has a better chin than Lemeuix. Who gives a fuck about that bum.

DannysGamingChannel1: Canelo is going to absolutely demolish Chavez, have you seen how lethal Canelo is?

HBO Boxing: Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. date, fight time, PPV price, online streaming

Chavez has no chance against this beast! Left Hook: God of war Golovkin you got beat by Jacobs, so go take a seat. It should be Canelo vs Jacobs. Ricardo Olivares: he needs to stretch his punches a little bit more so he can reach chavez face if not hes going to be hit air. Francisco Segura: metete el dedo AtlantaFinest: No but canelo do!

I don't think will go to 12 rounds.

  • The Fight Game Canelo Alvarez in training for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
  • canelo vs bologna

Maybe wants to be as light as possible for the fight? The Heretic: aacvela6 yes Golovkin is watching. Es el que le pone el ritmo al canelo!

Trevor L: Canelo manages to be slick and a complete beast at the same time XL Por eso fue que Smith no aguanto esa pegada de Canelo al cuerpo, tiene una petencia en us golpeo que dios le bendiga esa pegada. I will definitely like to see Canelo in the Octagon. Rebel Rebel: Canelo has the worst taste in music for training.


It's going to be a very close fight, I have Chavez winning in the late rounds. Canelo is the SH! Lagrimas Prestegui: el chavez tambien anda practicando su pegada y rapides se va a poner chingon la pelea!!!!

  • Canelo Alvarez dominates Chavez Jr.
  • Some are dubbing the Canelo vs. Chavez Jr.
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