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The Son Goku Rescue Plan!! Pan sneaks into their hideout and finds some robot parts.

Dragon Ball Super

Previous Index Next Add Bookmarks After Riser and his peerage had left and everyone had finally calmed down, in particular, Gohan after his little show, Rias made quick work of fixing the holes in the walls thanks to Gohan and thought it would be best to tell everyone about the rating game.

She told me about it before I came to Kuoh Town and now I know why" Gohan was still angry at Sirzechs for putting Rias in this predicament and not doing something about it himself.

Koneko found Gohan to be someone she could feel no malice or hidden motive behind his actions which to her meant a lot due to her past and because of her sister… Gohan just pulled his usual grin at Koneko and patted her head gently the way she liked it, "No need to thank me Koneko we are all a team and friends, I will do what I must to protect those precious to me".

It is a game of strategy more than anything else" Rias made clear while looking at Issei, she didn't want him losing his head and rushing off to fight whoever as she now knew that he could be just as key to her victory as Gohan could be.

Kiba declared while trying to hold his laughter in at the insult Gohan called Riser at the time.

Specifically, the middle of the Gobi Desert, surrounded by dunes for hundreds of miles.

Everyone shared a little chuckle at that which was nice as it broke the tension that had been built up. That night Issei was having a dream or nightmare as it seemed to anyone watching him sleep as he was mumbling, tossing and turning, "Nooo..

Asia" Issei was trying to reach out and grab Asia's hand and pull her away from Riser's grip but just couldn't quite reach her hand until Suddenly Issei's nightmare had gone and all he could now see was flames dancing around in front of him. Issei was looking all around trying to find where the voice was coming from but couldn't see anything but fire.

Just as Ddraig had gone Issei's hand started burning and his gauntlet could be seen but just it did he suddenly woke up from his dream. Issei was panting at the sudden feeling he knew he felt in his arm, "Was that real…? As Gohan had just finished late night training to let out some pent up energy that was leftover thanks to a certain chicken, Gohan left his training room only to see a transportation crest that looked all too familiar appear on his living room floor.

Once Sirzechs had managed to recover from the punch and Gohan had somewhat calmed down as well, Gohan and Sirzechs sat down as Grayfia went to make some tea for them both for the discussion they were about to have.

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Gohan rhetorically asks with a frown on his face, screw what some elders say, at the end of the day you are the highest authority compared to them so you should have put your foot down! Instead, he just let things happen and hoped someone else would come along and make it all better Gohan knew he was overreacting somewhat, however, it just annoyed him to see Rias so down and sad about the whole thing.

He didn't want to see that Rias, he wanted to see the Rias that was always showing off that beautiful smile while being happy around her friends. You really hurt her, she may not show it but I can tell whenever you are brought up in a conversation, her face shows hurt and sadness" Gohan sighed but he knew this would be for the best.

Oh that reminds me, Grayfia, is there any chance you could make some weighted gi's for me and the others? I was thinking would you be able to put it around the entrance in so that it's big enough for people to watch what's going on?

Sirzechs and Gohan then made their way towards the gravity training room and once inside Sirzechs almost instantly had done what Gohan had asked.

There was now a large area in front of the door to come into the gravity room that was covered and could not be affected by the gravity controls, there was another door which was leading into the giant room so people could go in and out of it as they pleased and also a giant window so that onlookers could see what was going on inside the room.

I know I can believe in you to save my sister Gohan… "I'll be going now Gohan as I have some other important matters to attend to before your rating game, it would seem that some people don't want you involved in the upcoming rating game as they feel you are an outsider and feel that you are not apart off Rias's peerage because she didn't turn you into a devil herself" Gohan was shocked to hear this as he was suddenly worried he wouldn't be able to protect Rias.

I thought the only one's who knew about me were you, Grayfia and Ajuka? Make sure to train everyone to become stronger as this will also be Rias's showing of her peerage and there will be a number of devils watching on" Sirzechs began to get ready to transport back to Hell.

You will see just how strong they will all become in two weeks" Gohan smiled and waved goodbye to the man. Sirzechs had disappeared and now Gohan decided it was time for bed… The next morning, Rias and co had met and started to make their way towards Gohan's apartment, "So Issei you say you have been in this training room of Gohan's, is there anything you can tell us about it?

Issei laughed at this, "You have no idea, believe me when I say this, it is like nothing you've ever seen and another thing.

Gohan turns into this completely different person when it comes to training someone, his usual nice, happy and go lucky attitude tends to disappear and a somewhat sadistic streak comes in when he begins to train you" Issei shivered, thinking back on what he went through in his first and only training session so far with Gohan.

Everyone else had a shiver run down their spines as well at the sudden thought of Gohan being the way Issei had described, although a certain black haired devil was excited.

Dragon Ball Z (season 1)

Oh, I cannot wait to see what you will do to me Gohan mmm… Gohan had just finished his mountain of a breakfast and could sense his friends getting near to his home, he then went to his front door to welcome everyone in, "Hey everyone, come on in and make yourselves at home" Gohan was happy to have everyone here, it would be fun but he knew they all needed some serious training in order to be ready for the rating game.

Everyone had put their bags down and were just casually talking to each other when a blue light illuminated the floor only for Grayfia to appear which surprised Rias and the others. These will help you with your training, I want you all to wear them all the time and only take them off when you are going to sleep!

Everyone then went to take the clothing for each of them only when they tried to pick them up, they realized just how heavy it all was, "Gohan, this is crazy! You want us to wear such heavy clothes even while we train!? This is one of the methods that I had to endure when training and I was only a small child at the time".

Gohan then reminisced about his training with Piccolo and his Dad. I also don't want Asia to wear this seeing as she is my bishop and the team's healer I am planning on having her stay with me during the rating game, so me and Akeno will be helping her build her magic power.

Chapter Hell of a Meeting

Right, well I shall be off, see you all before the start of the rating game. Rias I will be coming to collect you all from the clubroom just before midnight in 2 weeks from today, train well" Grayfia said while smiling at her Sister in Law.

Once everyone had managed to get the heavy clothes on and kinda fumbled there way out too Gohan and Asia, "Wow, you guys look really good! Grayfia had done a perfect job on Gohan's description on how he wanted the gi's to look, they were all predominately red and then with the black undershirt as were the trousers and boots which had a tinge of black to them too.

The girls gi's really hugged at their very slim figures, however, when it came to Rias and Akeno's rather large bust, they seem to cover them easily thanks to the somewhat bagginess just like on the boys gi's but their boobs did still easily stand out in them, much to the jealousy of Asia after seeing Issei look at them both in awe with slight drop of blood running down his nose.

The boy's gi's were just the same as Gohan's only the same color's as the rest of them.

Dragon Ball Z: Season 6

They also all had the Gremory crest on the backs of the shirts which Rias did kind of like. What is it here for? What do you mean? Gohan then explained everything about the room which he had told Issei before and then decided to show them, so, as they all walked out of the safe area and made their way into the room, still feeling very heavy due to the weighted clothing that they were all wearing.

Issei did manage to get himself up on one knee which did surprise Gohan somewhat seeing as only yesterday, Issei couldn't stand even without the weighted clothing. Rias I gather you and Akeno want to train Asia?

You can either do it in the safe area or do it in here, however, I may be changing the gravity so I would rather you do it in the safe area first" Gohan declared to the three girls Okay we will be in there then, I also want Issei later as he also needs to have a better grasp on his magic power" Rias was looking at Gohan, she couldn't believe in all her times here that she had never even bothered to check this room out.

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This is going to be a long two weeks… For the next several hours, Gohan had made Issei, Koneko and Kiba run laps around the room, push ups and sit ups to begin with so that they could all try and get to grips with their weighted clothing.

Koneko had been the first to come to terms with the clothes she was wearing, Issei and Kiba did eventually start to get a handle on them too so Gohan decided to up their training by having them fight a clone of him each.

They were only allowed to use hand to hand combat and no sacred gears at all, Koneko again thanks to her strength already being very high had a tough time at first with the Gohan clone but made quick work of him in the end, she then went and had a rest next to Gohan as he looked on at Kiba and Issei's fights.

Issei was struggling and had taken a good number of blows from Gohan's clone and the same could be said for Kiba, Gohan had realized that Kiba must rely on his swords too much and Issei was just lacking the proper training and experience.

anti adult gohan

Meanwhile, in the safe area, Rias and Akeno were showing Asia how to better control the amount of magic power to use for different circumstances.

It didn't take Asia long to pick up on what Rias and Akeno were trying to show her which didn't really surprise them because of the fact she had already known how to control her magic for so long. Kiba was being shown by Gohan was stances he should be using and how best to counter his opponents incoming assaults.

The next few days that passed were pretty much the same, Gohan was trying to teach Issei and Kiba a more productive way of including their sacred gears into their hand to hand combat which would then make them very unpredictable when fighting, while Koneko was now fighting against two Gohan clones, she was struggling as she could never predict their movements.

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Rias and Akeno had also joined in with the training Gohan was giving the others while Asia was practicing her magic control in the safe area. Rias and Akeno were having a fierce battle against one another which did cause the others to stop what they were doing and watch on for a little while, Issei was mesmerized by the magic attacks that were being thrown about by them both when a sudden idea popped into his head.

Gohan then powered down, "See Issei, that was amazing, now imagine what you will be able to do once these two weeks are up" Gohan shouted across to Issei, he then looked at the others who were looking on, "that goes for all of you too, I promise by the time all this training is done you will be considerably stronger!

Everyone decided that enough was enough for today as they were all feeling the effects of Gohan's training and decided to head home, well everyone but Rias as she wanted to talk to Gohan tonight. Rias had gotten changed and was now sat on the sofa looking at her book for her battle plan as Gohan had just come back from saying goodbye to everyone, "So still working on your battle plan?

We don't know what the enemy will do on the day and it could then throw my plan out the window" Rias shut her book and pulled her knee's into her chest, Gohan could tell she was worried about the upcoming fight.

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