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Monday, December 30, 2019 5:16:00 AM

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The fight started right off the bat with both men throwing big shots from the opening round. In round 2, Pascal took a flush shot on the chin that buckled him, then was sent head first through the ropes that kept him up in what was ruled knockdown.

Pascal was out on his feet and looked ready to go, but was saved by the bell. From that point on, the fight took a turn and it was Pascal landing flush shots from his awkward style, sending Kovalev off balance in round 5.

Kovalev regained the momentum the 7th, buckling Pascal badly at the end of the round.

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Pascal had not fully recovered from the shot as the 8th started which allowed Kovalev to land and assault of punches, staggering Pascal to the corner to what looked like the end.

Kovalev would slip while both were in the corner that gave Pascal a few extra seconds, but he was still in bad shape and even staggered all the way to the opposite corner during the time Kovalev was rising from the slip.

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Kovalev went in and landed two more right hands on a defenseless Pascal to which referee Luis Pabon jumped in and called it off, into the round. After the fight it was made clear that WBC Champion Adonis Stevenson would be up to making the fight everyone wants to see happen, but Pascal also clamored for a rematch.

Pascal drops to with 17 KO's. This is the story of Cunningham's career unfortunately, having lost fights due to the judges that he should have won.

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Cunningham was first and last for the majority of the fight, building an early lead. Even the corner for Glazkov complaining between rounds that he was not doing what he was told and that he was "losing the fight".

Glazkov did catch Cunningham a few times in the later rounds, but it was not enough to even make this fight a draw, Cunningham clearly won. Final scores were twice and Cunningham drops to with 13 KO's.

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Lepikhin simply just was not ready for the limelight of a televised undercard. Lepikhin did not let his hands go and fought with his back against the ropes, seemingly waiting for the final bell to end.

Lepikhin's father and trainer threatened to stop the fight a number of times, but like father like sun, did not live up to his word. Lepikhin drops to with 9 KO's.

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