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Juliette Ferrington introduced the first programme — commentary of Manchester United against Sunderland. Despite many television rights to sporting events being heavily fought over by commercial companies, such as Sky Sports and ITV Sportradio sports coverage for many events are still held by the BBC: the main competitor being the commercial station Talksport.

BBC plans to turn 5 Live Sports Extra into hour station

Advertisement We'll show you how to tune in to BBC Radio if you're travelling or living abroad The BBC's radio services are among the best in the world, from sports coverage to local affairs and detailed analysis of global events.

Tuning into local radio shows when you're abroad just won't have the same effect, and may sometimes even be in the local language.

This way you can keep up with your favourite shows, follow your favourite sports or simply find out what's going on back home.

Cricket woes? Try AIR on KHz

See related How to watch The Ashes Live stream the fifth Test This is especially pertinent in the coming months because we have a summer filled with lots of sporting events, not to mention the big Brexit cloud looming that will hopefully be resolved in the latter half of the year.

Fortunately, the BBC has a decades-long commitment to international broadcasting, and when internet radio came along, Britain's national broadcaster chose to make all of its channels available around the globe as part of its mission to share the UK's culture and views with the world.

So you're going to have to try something else. That may not be a lot if you have a generous mobile data plan, considering most European countries have free roaming - although we're not sure how this will work when the Brexit laws are enforced.

How to listen to BBC Radio abroad

However, it could dent your data limit if you're travelling to a country where your mobile service provider doesn't offer free roaming.

The new BBC Sounds internet radio service is the best way forward when it comes to international listening.

  • Initially the plan was to broadcast a rolling news service on BBC Radio 4 's long wave frequency but this was met with considerable opposition, both internally and externally, [3] so the BBC decided to close BBC Radio 5 and replace the old service's educational and children's programmes with a new news service, whilst retaining the sports programmes.
  • During the Third Test at Trent Bridge on Day Three, Agnew took time out to read out an heartbreaking story of one man's battle with severe illness. The letter had been sent in by the man's son, Patrick.
  • The station began broadcasts at 2.
  • In this summer of sport, fans are going to face some tough decisions.

You will need need to sign in to your BBC account when you first open the app. The good news is that the app is not geo-restricted, so you should be able to download and use it even if you're not in the UK.

Jagdfarm-wronin.com: Cricket World Cup

One of its best features is the option to download podcasts to listen to when you're offline. We recommend doing both - downloading the app and podcasts for offline playback - when you're in the UK.

Doing this will guarantee that you have the app and the episodes you want to listen to offline and avoid you incurring any potential data charges associated with downloading content outside your data limit or using dodgy Wi-Fi networks.

If - for some reason - you can't download or access the app, then one of best alternatives is a free app called British Radios Android , iOS. This app lets you listen to most of the live BBC radio stations, and other radio stations like Heart, Magic and Absolute Radio without paying a penny.

Another app that does a similar job is TuneIn Radio Android , iOS but this works on the freemium model, meaning you'll need to pay to remove ads and unlock other content. How to listen to BBC Radio abroad on a PC Even though most people will use a mobile device to listen to BBC Radio live when on holiday, a few might still use a reliable PC or laptop, especially if you're going to be living abroad for a length of time.

The website is divided into Radio, Podcasts and Top Charts and gives you access to a plethora of live streams from many different UK radio stations. This lets you flip between the BBC's main radio channels via a simple selector on Chrome's toolbar.

BBC 5 Live Sports Extra (UK Only), listen live

Listen to BBC Radio abroad using a VPN Occasionally, a BBC radio broadcast, whether live or on catch-up, will be replaced by a recorded message telling you that "due to rights restrictions this part of the programme is unavailable" - or something to that effect. This most often applies to coverage of sports and other live events that the BBC only has the licence to broadcast within the UK.

The easiest way to work around such restrictions is by using a VPN.

Cricket World Cup TV channel, radio coverage, start times and fixtures

As radio streams don't hog bandwidth to the extent that streaming TV does, most good VPN services are perfectly adequate for virtually moving back to the UK to listen to a restricted programme.

After selecting the VPN you want we've featured two of our favourites below , simply change your location to the UK.

BBC secures two

Doing this will ensure that all your internet traffic is routed via a UK endpoint, so you appear to be within the UK as far as the sites, services and apps you're using are concerned. Apart from virtually changing your location, a VPN will also secure all your online activity, regardless of whether you're using hotel Wi-Fi or your mobile service provider, so you can rest easy knowing that your data is in safe hands.

Both the VPN services mentioned below have a strict no-logs policy.

BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

Both cater to different budgets, but will unlock any geo-restricted content - whether it's BBC iPlayer or BBC Sounds regardless of where in the globe you want to access your broadcast from. It's the only VPN on this list to have its entire service publicly audited to back up its claims that it doesn't log or store any user data whatsoever.

You can use it on five devices simultaneously, making a great option for your family or even a group of friends.

The Ashes on the Radio

We have a special offer that gives you three months free when you sign up to the month plan. However, it's more budget-friendly and there's no restriction on the number of devices you can use it on simultaneously, which may be what some people prioritise much more.

Buy Surfshark VPN now The BBC World Service The World Service was the BBC's original international broadcasting medium, beginning life in as an English-language service for the remnants of Britain's empire, "men and women, so cut off by the snow, the desert, or the sea, that only voices out of the air can reach them".

Within a decade, the service began adding languages and regions, and currently broadcasts to people around the world in 27 languages, with a broad range of programs including news, music, comedy and documentaries.

You can tune into the BBC World Service in English on standard short-wave frequencies across much of the world, but broadcasts to Central Europe ended in , and to the Eastern Mediterranean in , due to budget cuts.

European travellers can still access the World Service via internet radio , while some long-wave and medium-wave broadcasts for other regions can be picked up in parts of Europe.

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