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Sunday, November 24, 2019 9:26:38 PM

Fighting with Honor 5 Author: K. Lynn I take the opportunity to cut in. The only items we sell here are gloves and supplements.

Resisting Temptation by K.C. Lynn, Teddy Hamilton, and Callie Dalton

Reliving the moment, clutching your chest, sighing even then sporting that wide grin with tears streaming down your face due to the emotional roller coaster you felt that's about to burst your heart and utter the words, "Now, this is what you call a book that feels so alive.

Men Of Honor Series by K.C. Lynn

A book that's just no You know you love the book, the character's, the story when at some point between your reading, even after you finished it you will pause for a while.

A book that's just not good but a book you will cherish for the rest of your life. I've been a fan of KC Lynn since the first time I read her book. So, to revisit again the charaters that has been a part of me, I could not contain my excitement.

For all of those holy, these characters and their lives changed me, moved me and made me a better person.

All Elite Wrestling

I live and breathe KC Lynn's words and these character's so I am so excited I devoured this novella for God knows the fastest I've ever read.

God, it was nothing I've ever expected! Without giving you too much details away I wil just leave my review with this KC Lynn did not just nailed it, she aced it with class!

First few pages and I was hooked.

Read An Act of Obsession (Acts of Honor Book 3) by K.C. Lynn online free full book.

The weight of the emotions conveyed to every words and lines got me. I turned from swooning that leads to ovary explosion because well, Jaxon's all consuming love happened right from the very start , to laughing then sobbing until the very end with my heart in all pitter patter, adrenaline rush coursing through me to leaving that poor heart the best heart warming feels it ever experienced.

God, this novella was just the bestest! To my surprise, I got to visit again the whole gang. In as much as I wanna say this book is Jax and Julia's, I could not deny the fact that it was also the whole family's.

It's just so good to read something from them again, coupled with that feels from each of these characters that only KC Lynn can.

In the end, I was touched by this book in the whole totality. Everything was just excellently portrayed.

K.C. Lynn Books

Family blood or not , Hope, Faith and then Love. Lordy, how was it portrayed brilliantly. And that ending, wow Another surprise from KC Lynn that made me in awe with her talent even more.

Fighting with Honor

Ahhh how I just love this author's writing. She really has a way with words. Every emotions were just captured amazingly. KC Lynn, kudos to you! With the state I was in reading this novella, no wonder I was alway a wreck when I finished your full length books.

The good thing though, you write one of the most perfect heart warming feels and I was healed.

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