Faze Sensei Fight Live

Monday, January 13, 2020 4:50:20 AM

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How It All Went Down At Knockout Night

Logan Paul and KSI will duke it out in an online pay-per-view event that is one of the most hyped events YouTube has seen yet. There are dozens of channels and millions of viewers talking about the "big fight" taking place on Aug. The highly publicized event was streamed online, with hundreds of thousands of viewers watching live.

Those few words ignited the fuse that got this whole thing rolling.

KSI and the Pauls exchanged YouTube video blows, creating back-and-forth content calling each other out. After months of behind-the-scenes deal negotiating and more Twitter fighting, the group eventually agreed to terms.

The venue was secured, the date was set and the participants got to training. The Paul brothers were wrestlers in high school and have always been athletes. In their videos and interviews, they claim this will give them an edge.

FaZe Sensei Explains Why Logan Paul Will End Up Fighting in the UFC

KSI and Deji only started training when these fights became a reality, but the Pauls say they have always been fighters. Logan Paul, the catalyst to all of this, is claiming that this boxing match is "his redemption arc. I promise I will do the community well, keep my head up and bring light to YouTube.

The easiest way in to rile up a fan base is to release a catchy song that happens to make you millions of dollars in ad revenue. Each video taunts the opposing side, empty trash talk but with auto-tune and a beat. Documentaries that show the training regiment of each fighter will be released to coincide with the fight.

Logan Paul and KSI Fight: Everything You Need To Know

Most recently, Deji showed up to Jake Paul's gym and the two got into an altercation. According to TMZ , Jake "slapped him in the face.

KSI vs. Logan Paul

Logan Paul said he's bet one million dollars on himself, and wants to show the world that he's changed. KSI has grown immensely popular since the whole feud began and a victory would only get him more coverage in the mainstream media.

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