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Structure components can be either bought from the market, built in stations or in Component Assembly Arrays. The final assembly of the structures can take place in either a station or Equipment Assembly Array. After construction the structure needs to be deployed.

Breaking News: Keepstar Armor Timer X47L

There is no such thing as hyperbole when referring to the fight over Northern Coalition. Northern Coalition.

12, pilots struggled through Eve Online's biggest battle

The southeastern front of this war is messy and complicated, but the western front is comparatively cut-and-dry. The goons were forced to relocate to Delve, and have held a grudge ever since.

Or a war is on.

Thanks to two years of mining and ratting in Delve, one of the richest regions in the entire game, Goonswarm Federation has amassed an unheard-of amount of wealth, and is the largest alliance in the game, with more than 30, members , with a further 15, members of other Imperium alliances.

For those unfamiliar with EVE, in order to destroy a space station, an attacking fleet must kill it three different times — the shields, then the armor, then the hull — with a gap of a day or more in between. This is not a bare-bones station in a backwater system; this is a major structure, and its loss would have strategic implications throughout the region.

These interviews will run in a series throughout the week. Fighting an enemy fleet while attacking a Keepstar at the same time is extremely tricky. However, Keepstar timers as well as other space stations run on a different timer that is not affected by time dilation.

The attacking army, then, must pour in a massive amount of damage in order to keep the Keepstar timer from ticking down and the station from repairing itself — and it must do so while being attacked by a defensive fleet whose ships can tether up to the Keepstar and receive free repairs.

Thus, the INN live blog of the attack describes the Imperium losing two titans almost immediately, then two more, before finally claiming a few titan kills of their own. By this point, even time dilation could not compensate for the sheer number of ships in system and weapons being fired, and players began to get disconnected in mid-battle.

At the same time, a preliminary battle report showed something astounding: the Imperium had titans on grid and the combined defending forces of PanFam and GOTG had Yackdaw fleets were responsible for killing of the frigates fielded by PanFam, and the threat of ECM-burst disconnect passed.

Half an hour after the mass disconnects began, Rhivre reported around titans in system divided almost evenly between attacking and defending forces. Titan kills, though, were 9 to 5 in favor of the defenders — again, due to the attackers having to split their fire and the defenders being able to tether up for repairs.

Also around this time, The Mittani himself, the legendary leader of Goonswarm Federation, made a personal appeal to his pilots to get logged in and get more titans to the front.

Providence: Battle for the 9UY4

Five hundred titans were only the beginning. For the next hour the fight slowly ground on, those sixty minutes of time dilation representing what would have been only six minutes of real-time fighting.

Titans continued to pop on both sides, though as before, the defending forces kept an advantage. The attackers had won their tactical objective and had sent the Keepstar into its final timer. There would be yet another fight over the station very soon, and this time, if the attackers won, the Keepstar would be destroyed completely.

But the Imperium was not done. The Tide Turns At this point, if the attackers had withdrawn with the loss of more titans but having completed their objective, the battle still would have been considered a tactical victory.

Expansions of Eve Online

No, the goons were here to fight, and now that their attention was no longer split two ways, it was time to vaporize some titans. Eight hours had now elapsed since form-up and five hours since the fighting began. A battle report from this stage of the fight shows one of the final up-to-date pictures of the situation before zKillboard decided the fight had gotten too big to track.

However, the battle report also reveals two crucial facts. An hour later, The Mittani began to give regular updates on the status of the titan meat grinder, disclosing that the PanFam fleet commander, Killah Bee, had requested his more expensive faction titans to dock up or otherwise remove themselves from the battle, preferring to do without part of his titan fleet rather than having them tilt the ISK balance away from his team.

Woefully outnumbered, the defenders began losing titans almost as quickly as The Mittani could send out updates.

Steam Community

Indeed, by Imperium control of the field was so significant that pilots were no longer ordered to log in and proceed immediately to battle. Rather, they were being advised to log in and do nothing — to wait until they were told where to go and what to do.

For the first time all battle, unless one counts the PanFam titans withdrawn by Killahbee, one side had a reserve, which they were free to commit or withhold as the situation required.

By the effects of time dilation were beginning to diminish, which only hastened the rate of titan destruction. At , another triumphant message went out: the Imperium was ahead in titan kills. The Mittani sent all Imperium pilots a link to the Picard song — a classic Goonswarm meme from circa Mopping-up operations continued until downtime, and a small number of Imperium pilots remain logoff-trapped in X47L-Q, either due to an untimely logoff or due to being forcibly disconnected from the server and unable to reconnect.

By downtime, though, most of the dust had cleared.

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The Imperium had killed more titans and sent the Keepstar into its final timer. By any measure the battle was a success. Aftermath and Strategic Considerations The implications of this battle are far too numerous to cover in a single article, and readers are welcome to add their own insight and analysis in the comments section below.

Talking in Stations

The first point is the manner in which the Imperium conducted the battle. By the time they sent the Keepstar into reinforcement, they were losing the ISK battle by an incredible margin. No one would have blamed them if they had extracted their titans, accepted their losses, and contented themselves with the tactical objective.

However, that is not the goon way.

Rather than withdraw, the Imperium doubled down, determined not merely to win a tactical objective, and not merely to beat the enemy, but to crush them as much as possible.

There can be no debating whether there were any potential upsides to this battle for PanFam; there can be no spinning this battle as anything other than an abject loss for the defenders.

Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Digital Property Destroyed In Massive EVE Battle

One must assume that is precisely how The Mittani wanted it. If this war can be properly understood as payback for treachery two years in the past, then the point is to crush the treacherous so completely that it is remembered the next time anyone thinks about crossing the goons.

It might seem hyperbolic to ascribe such importance to a single battle. However, as this writer said in the first sentence of the article, there is no such thing as hyperbole when it comes to this fight. The Imperium fought its enemies and won decisively.

The question was whether the Imperium could replace its titan losses which at the time of the comment were 1. The economic output of Delve is difficult to fathom; it is the second wealthiest region in the entire game, after only The Forge, which houses the high-sec trade hub of Jita.

Besides Delve, the Imperium also controls nearly all of Fountain and significant portions of Querious.

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