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Dragon Ball Z Online

The namekian is also a child, but is more a "big guy. Fountain of Youth : The Kid Clock item allows a character to revert back to child form. This is the only way to get a Super Mode on a kid character. Four-Fingered Hands : Nameks lose the extra finger they were given on the show.

Free-Range Children : Your character starts out as a kid without so much as a send-off. Granted, they no longer have a home to go back to.

Generation Xerox : Several examples. The Paella gang members are identical to their ancestors, the Pilaf gang, right down to the whole wanting to take over the world and teaming up with a Big Bad who's way out of their league thing.

All Majins look similar to Buu, but that's a completely different problem.

Dragon Ball Z Battle

Played straight, however, with the Pure Majin Super Form , where you'll turn into an exact copy of Kid Buu whether you're male or not. Similar with the Saiyan hybrid characters who typically look like Goku. The fight between the human and the Namek in the trailer is very similar to the fight between Goku and Piccolo.

Giant Mook : Some super and ultra Mobs are larger versions of their henchmen. Same with Maijin players and Fat Buu. And had an advancing multiplier.

The technique is truly dangerous when paired up with a competent White Mage , but a Death Or Glory at all other times.

Heroic Sacrifice : Bardock's not much of a hero but he uses the self explosion technique on Mira after shaking off the Time Breaker brainwashing. Hero Unit : The game has "Hero" units with the distinction that they are enemies, they are basically elite bosses.

Humans Are Warriors : Oh, hell to the yes.

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Fights

Aside from being in no small part thanks to Gohan's publishings as well as Krillin and Tien bringing back the Turtle and Crane schools, Goku and Vegeta's bloodlines have spanned very far.

Add in that one wish to Shenron can ignite the dormant Super Saiyan spark, and you have a race of Earthlings you do not want to screw around with. Otherwise downplayed, as the main characters of the original comic are nowhere near as famous as Majin Buu and Mr.

Piccolo and Dende are famous among the Namekians. Kamehame Hadouken : Several variations of the Trope Namer exist for human characters, and one exists for Majin characters.

Ki Attack : Duh, it's Dragon Ball. Spiritualists are the most frequent abusers, especially at lower levels. Kid from the Future : Inverted with Time Patrol Trunks, as he's from the past, but played straight for the player character, should they stumble through a rift.

Killer Rabbit : Many cute creatures such as squirrels are enemies in the game, literal rabbits appear as enemies of level Killer Space Monkey : Some Saibaman variants move on all fours and have tails, making them monkey like.

Large and in Charge : The last boss of the Red Pants Army base, Android 9, is very big, but has the body proportions of a short man, making him look pretty odd. Live Item : How the game treats Escort Missions.

Dragon Ball Online (Video Game)

Piccolo Junior isn't too fond of him. The Red Pants Army have mass produced versions of Android Magic Knight : The human's Swordsman class. Or only one, if this one is well armed and count with good items of healing.

Mini Mook : Tiny Saibaman variants, mostly because of shorter limbs, which wield branches or wear spiky armor.

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Misplaced Retribution : The Time Breakers, especially Mira, have a strange obsession with Goku even though he was neither the strongest of Earth's warriors at the time Dragon Ball Online was released nor was he directly responsible for Dabura's death.

Muggles : The majority of humans are still this in the future as revealed in Chronicles. Mutants : Naraka deploys several nameks in his army that have such severe mutations they don't even resemble nameks anymore. Some of them can be summoned as Player Mooks by the spiritualist namek classes.

Never Trust a Trailer : The second trailer shows some things that do not happen in the game. In the trailer, adventurers can attack while flying, something that can not be done in the game. In the trailer, 5 adventurers have problems to beat a dinosaur, in the actual game most dinosaurs are regular enemies that can be defeated by a single adventurer.

Older Is Better : Each generation of Majins is weaker than the last, the current generation being as weak as humans.

Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 4

Only Six Faces : There are relatively few options for customization. Given the source material's style, however, that's really all you need.

Overnight Age-Up : You have the option of completing a quest at Level 30 to become an adult. Overworld Not to Scale : As is normal in role-playing games, most houses are much smaller than what they are supposed to be, as are distances between cities.

Pet Interface : You had the option of purchasing a pet that will float alongside and level up with the player character.

  • Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link Dragon Ball FighterZ — from the makers of Guilty Gear A reader continues his run down of the best fighting games of recent years, moving on to what many consider the best anime fighter ever. For, from what I can gather, all problems in the Dragon Ball universe can be solved by throwing a bigger fireball at it.
  • It was published in Korea by the company known as Netmarble. On June 15th of , we saw a new release of DBO in Taiwan, published by Wasabii, followed by yet another release also published by the same company in Hong Kong, on September 8th of the same year.
  • CPU: 2.
  • Story[ edit ] The events of Dragon Ball Online take place in the age years after the Buu saga. Mira and Towa hail from the Demon Realm and is attempting to invade the Earth in the age , with the help of Frieza's army and the Red Ribbon Army, but currently has their eyes set on the past by way of time travel.
  • .

The pets were later removed with a patch, but will be brought back in Revelations. Pirate : One of the Time Breakers is a pirate version of Bacterian The Power of Friendship : Krillin revived the Turtle School with this basis, in order to compensate for the general lack of strength humans have alone compared to aliens.

However, as all the player humans are saiyan hybrids descended from aliens, and the Turtle Hermit class was very underpowered, the message is kinda broken. For example, from level 49 you can fight against Frieza's elite whose power was increased by Towa, but normal soldiers can represent a certain level of threat up to level Puny Earthlings : Double Subverted.

Humans are a main playable race and fend for themselves with superiror martial arts techniques. Then the Head Director clarified that the Humans were actually Saiyan Hybrids descended from Goku and Vegeta, while actual humans are still irrelevant when it comes to saving the world.

Rat Stomp : Many of the quests are clearing x number of a specific kind of enemy. Justified, as the majority of the people listed were already established to be long-lived to begin with, one way or another.

This trope is not limited to Manga characters, we can include new characters as Miss Buu and The leaders of remnants of the Galactic Frieza Army. Resurrection Sickness : Appears as a status ailment by name whenever your character respawns.

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Robot Buddy : Hope! Rubber-Band History : Granted, the player characters usually have something to do with history snapping back after it is altered, and somewhat subverted as it's not our history.

Serious Business : The human and the namek of the first trailer participate in a martial arts tournament and act as if it were a fight to the death. Set Right What Once Went Wrong : Due to the nature of time travel being changed, it's possible for the antagonists to make a mess of the timeline as they search for the genetic material of strong fighters.

Luckily Trunks had already formed a Time Patrol to prevent the previous " problems " time travel caused.

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