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Dozens of companies, including TV networks, passed on it. Undeterred, Seibert took the idea to Netflix, which eagerly scooped up the exclusive rights and released the show last year.

Fight Quest (Series)

It is a far cry from the animal testicle they ate together in Kali, Philippines, a stop on the exotic country fighting tour they took together, which is the basis for the new Discovery Channel show Fight Quest. Doug describes the show to me: "Jimmy and I meet up with masters and go through the most intense, insane training you can imagine for five or six days in whatever that country's national fight style is.

At the end of that six day period - we are beat up already - and go up against one guy who is really good or go up against some kind of ordeal or trial.

We hope we pull through and survive.

Second Genesis

Of course, the clip - like much of the show - ended up on YouTube. While I watch his stomach turn a dark shade of red, I wonder why in the world would anyone allow themselves to go through this? What is their drive? Their motive? Who are these guys? I discover that beyond the punches, there is a softer side.

Here is part of our conversation: Eric: How did the idea of Fight Quest first come about and how did you guys get involved? Jimmy: They already had the idea before they came to us.

I fought for a team that was putting ads on line for a tournament.

Fight Quest TV Review

They contacted the team and I went to an audition, and ended up getting it. Then the show kind of developed during our first episode in the Philippines, where they were still trying to play with the format and see what to do.

So through me and Doug, and the experience that we went through, they saw us and figured out how the show would work.

So the first episode they kind of made it up, as they went along. Doug: Yeah, it was really not plotted out or decided on how the show was going to work.

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Like when we got to the Philippines they were not sure what the hell was going to happen. The said they had a basic idea: "You are going to meet the masters and train with them. They had no plan going into it and it was kind of cool that it was all just thrown together.

Eric: After watching the first few episodes, how did the final product seen on TV change from what you initially thought you would see? Jimmy: They film at least 60 hours of footage, each episode, and they cut it down into 43 minutes.

So, it is pretty crazy the amount of insanity that happens that winds up being cut out. Or, like we will go through some crazy ordeal and they will say, "Sorry, we don't have time for that in the show. I just had nine guys knock me unconscious or we just ran 30 miles and you are just going to cut it out of the show!

You could not have told me it would not be in the show before we did it?! And the one spar that they put in is the one where you get the crap kicked out of you!

Quest Red TV Guide

You beat 10 guys and one guy tears you apart, and of course that is what they put in the show. Doug: In the Philippines I did this seven hour work out session that was insane and completely destroyed me.

They show like 20 seconds of it on the show and then me saying, "That was the hardest thing I ever did. Jimmy: We fight anyway. I am a cage fighter. I have been a pro-fighter for four years. Doug just likes getting in fights regardless. So it was kind of a way to do what we would do anyway, kind of in a more intense setting, but to travel the world and see all the things we did, but train as well.

It was a dream come true for us. Doug: I think we both like challenges and to test ourselves. There is definitely a rush to it and it is fun, man, it really is fun.

At the end of the day - after we have been pounded up against a wall or beat down - we look back at it and feel a sense of pride because, maybe, most people would not make it through it.

Fight Quest on Discovery Channel

But I did and it feels good. It is fun. Eric: Doug, you were fighting in Iraq before you did the show. How did that compare with what you experienced during Fight Quest? Doug: Going to Iraq convinced me that I need adrenalin and I needed a rush. When I left Iraq I needed to duplicate that feeling.

I have always been an adventure, but I never had that rush than when I was in Iraq getting shot at. I was like, "Wow! That was for real, that was real excitement, that was fun.

Fighting was that same rush of being in danger, you could get hurt, but nothing was distributed throughout a team before.

In the army when you fail, the team fails. The team bears the failure and the team bears the success. But in fighting, it becomes so much more intense for me because if I fail, I fail.

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I can't blame anyone else or shift the burden to anyone else. I have to feel like the idiot at the end of the day. So for me, fighting is more intense than being in the army ever was. Eric: You come back from Iraq and go around the world fighting.

What is your take on that? Doug: Wow.

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