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Consider it a nifty little trick to capture your interest and attention — after all, what better way to keep your finger off the remote than the nagging sense that you'll be able to figure out who is squawking at you to buy a truck or some investment product if only you could listen just a bit longer? So which famous actors and actresses have stepped up to the mic to record words on fancy cars, cozy restaurants, and even toilet paper?

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The ones with bi-racial couples laughing in slow-motion during breakfast.

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Hot guy, good actor. I must say I love the choices the delivery guy makes at the end when Luke tells him there's no such thing as too close.

I like to back hand that little cunt if she'd stab me in the ass. I noticed that in a lot of yogurt commercials - eat their stuff and you become slim and athletic.

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Even Activia, whose real selling point is that it will keep you regular but they put emphasis on outward physical appearance, not your doody schedule. Even these foreign Activia ads follow the "get thin!

I was old enough and aware enough to know that I was being groomed by dark forces, but what could I do?

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By the time they dropped the bomb and audaciously exposed what they had done to us by showing Alec rolling up to Kaleb and grunting, "hey kid, come with me and help me look for my lost puppy It's official: the kind is dead, long live the king!

Despite having broken his bones nearly times, Kaleb has never let his disease stop him from enjoying his childhood -- he's even learning how to stand and walk!

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Like many children, Kaleb's successful medical care is attributed to the work of Shriners Hospital for Children. Shriners urges viewers to donate to its cause and offers a free Love to the Rescue Blanket for contributing to the healthcare of children in need.

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