Channel 4 Food Fight

Monday, November 4, 2019 4:52:15 AM

For once, by contrast, the BBC got it right. In fact, the report dealt with England only, as you can see for yourself here. The article also mentioned explicitly that Scotland already has a similar campaign of its own. Perhaps the BBC is finally getting the message; which is more than can be said for Channel 4, clearly.

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty to team up for a Channel 4 Food Fight

We have been working with Channel4 since across quite a few different projects, including a complete redesign of 4Music, helping promote Educating Yorkshire and Jamie Oliver's Food Fight and overseeing its 4Talent recruitment programme.

When is Escape To The Wild on Channel 4 tonight, who is Jimmy Doherty and what is the show about?

New media player and library designs. We started working with the team in creating Channel 4's very first mobile responsive website.

  • Channel 4 is doing its bit with the Big Fish Fight season, a selection of programmes about all things piscatorial. In this series of six five-minute episodes, Jamie Oliver provides recipes for fish that are less frequently cooked in Britain: at 5.
  • Posted on Thursday, 3 January by itsfood Channel 4 is about to start a series of programs which will question the way we think about food.
  • The epic journey takes Jamie to the heart of America: its people, culture, music and most importantly, its food.
  • Betty for Channel 4, 8 September to 6 October 5 episodes in 1 series Synopsis Boisterous panel game in which Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall faces a different guest foodie captain each week.

Since then, we have relaunched three different iterations of the 4Talent platform, redesigned C4 Jobs, developed tools for creating localised roadshow campaigns and provided ongoing technical and systems support. Educating Yorkshire In , we helped promote Channel 4's groundbreaking and award-winning show Educating Yorkshire.

Our microsite contained information around the show's launch, trailers and displayed a big gallery of artwork created by the pupils themselves during production.

Donut with a hole or full of sickly jam?

C4 Eyes UK Remake Of Endemol Shine Cooking Format ‘Family Food Fight’

The campaign in a fairly unscientifically certifiable way uncovered Britain's favourite food - which was announced in the show's finale. Over custom assets were designed for this and Toby our illustrator vowed to never again work on a food-themed project for the rest of his days.

More work.

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