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Plato is my friend — Aristotle is my friend — but my greatest friend is truth. If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants.

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Isaac Newton Biography

Isaac imagines his mother cornering him with a knife ready to sacrifice him to the voices in her head when The Bible falls from the shelf and kills her. Unfortunately for Isaac, this turned out to be an imaginative story all in his head, and his mother opens the door behind him to reveal a darker fate for the hero.

After a commotion, he breaks free of the chest in an explosion of light as the character Eden with white hair that changes styles and bright glowing yellow eyes. For whatever reason, he slathers it on his eyes, turning them pasty white while gluing his eyelids open.

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The player is then treated to one of the darkest endings available in the game. That's really saying something, as this game can be particularly dreary in places. After punching him, the arm grabs him and yanks him into the chest as Mother cackles somewhere out of sight.

Later Isaac is shown incredibly deformed, slumped on the ground sporting a cartoonishly distorted face.

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It's considered the happiest possible ending in the game. The player then sees Isaac wearing a top hat and monocle, supposedly having become Dr. Here Isaac opens the mysterious chest to find the unsettling???

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The body lifts up and startles Isaac, who plummets into a spiraling void. This ending unlocks It Lives as a boss, which makes other endings much easier to achieve, but is a harder boss to kill. Upon opening the mysterious chest, Isaac rapidly changes into the different characters.

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After going through them all, he returns to normal in his own room and clambers inside the chest. Isaac is seen reading a Bible before facing a mirror version of himself that is black skinned with red eyes, symbolic of the wickedness he feels is inside him.

The first requires the player to touch the chest left behind by the boss Isaac while The Polaroid item is equipped, the other is to use the telepills on the Cathedral floor to enter the I AM ERROR room, and the final method can be found by entering a Black Market on the Cathedral floor and walking into the beam of light found there.

This ending shows a series of pictures depicting a happy family before the dad is seen leaving, the mother goes insane, and Isaac succumbs to the evil inside him.

‎The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on the App Store

The cutscene shows a missing poster for Isaac with his mother searching for him in the background. The play must have defeated either??? Doing this opens the Golden Key door where stepping on a pentagram spawns Mega Satan.

This ending is similar to Ending 15 in that it starts with the missing poster. It then cuts to an empty world with Isaac appearing out of a red chest before a dark winged figure appears behind him.

In this cutscene, Isaac is shown to have been trapped in a cave after the entrance is caved in. Later, his corpse is seen in the same position as the Shopkeeper before suddenly smiling.

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The cutscene is identical to Ending 18 with the notable exception that, after the Shopkeeper corpse smiles, his head falls off, and his neck spews out a mass of flies. To access Delirium, players must beat Hush and pass through the horrors of The Void, the final floor of the game.

This ending is considered by fans to be the true ending. It shows Isaac slowly suffocating in his toy chest as he recalls memories of his parents fighting, his dad leaving, his mother going insane, and himself enduring horrible abuse after being told that he has succumbed to his wickedness.

Later, Isaac is seen wandering the ghostly plains of what many consider purgatory.

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