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Ghista and Meena Sankaranarayanan 6. Lung Gas-Transfer Performance Analysis Ghista and Kah Meng Loh 7.

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See below for text links - [[your IT system may have blocked access to pictures Organisational support for the technology to run TiddlyManuals]]!! See [[Who is this manual for? Regularly involved in at least one social activity e.

Periodic involvement but inconsistent, attendance, Actively, regularly involved in at least one social activity. Rare involvement or interest in organised activities, usually attends single occasion only. Has been repeatedly asked to leave social activities because of behaviour problems.

This is a measure of the extent of meaningful activity in the young person's life Behaviour and attainment are coded separately. Rate the attendance by the young person in the most recent academic, training or work environment, during the most recent 3-month period for which information is available.

Attending Education, Employment or a Training course for most or all of the working week. Occasionally truants or refuses to attend scheduled activities.

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Missing more time than than attending, and very clear detrimental effect on progress at place of work. Since intellectual ability is recorded elsewhere, do not adjust this rating for perceived ability.


Rate how the young person is functioning in the most recent academic or work environment, during the most recent 3-month period for which information is available.

Good reports from teachers or employers. Working below year level in at least one academic area, working satisfactorily in others.

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Employer recognises certain problems timekeeping, workrate, etc but they do not threaten employment status. Significant academic problems in several areas e.

Consistently working below year level in most areas e. D average if graded. Threatened dismissal from work. Far below year expectations in most academic areas e. Young person excels in at least one area of interest, recognized by others as being talented or exceptionally skilled, e.

Shows talent and persistent interest in at least one area, e. Has some interests, and participates in individual or group hobbies or activities, but has not developed any one area where skills or abilities make him or her stand out.

Has few interests or activities, or moves quickly from one to another without persisting long enough to develop skills; e.

No special interests or activities acknowledged by the young person. Excludes transient conditions e.

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In good physical health, no obvious health problems. Significant health problems requiring medical intervention, monitoring, or adjustment of lifestyle to prevent deterioration, e. In poor health. Suffering from serious condition s ; physically frail.

Very poor health. Suffering from imminently life threatening condition, e. Takes an active interest in maintaining good health and appearance; i. Maintains appearance, self-care to reasonable degree with little or no prompting. Has skills but sometimes refuses or neglects self-care tasks, or has a circumscribed problem that does not affect social functioning seriously, e.

Substantive deficit in self-care in one area that impacts social functioning, e. Includes impairment resulting from congenital conditions, side effects of medication, physical disabilities resulting from accidents, etc. Fully dependent. This item would cover although is not limited to the kinds of problems with social interaction that are commonly observed in pervasive developmental disorders such as the autistic spectrum.

Young person is mature for age, interacts like an older young person, gets along with older peers, seen as 'mature'. Young person is typical for age, similar to peers.

Young person is markedly immature, tends to fit in with younger peers, has regular lapses in social judgement. Social deficit. Widespread social deficit.

Grossly immature, no or minimal ability to respond appropriately, perceived as misfit, rejected by all groups, isolated. Social skills and interaction may be reduced for many reasons. For lilfe-long developmental problems in managing reciprocal relationships such as autistic spectrum difficulties see also item 08 Young person daily life - Social development.

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Young person is likeable, has good social skills, actively enjoys and seeks out interaction with people of all ages. Interacts adequately with most people, adequate social skills in relation to people of all ages.

Engages adequately with most people, has adequate social skills but some difficulties in interaction e.

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Widespread difficulties in interaction, frequently inappropriate social skills, poor understanding of social cues. Serious problems in social skills or interactions, e.

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