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How We Selected Our Bookmakers? Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr: Odds Analysis Although there are still several months to go before the fight, many sportsbooks are already offering betting odds. Some of those include bet, Unibet, Ladbrokes, and so on. Here are some of our Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting predictions. Outright Winner Those who were in favour of Anthony Joshua betting the last time these two fought might want to call for caution.

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Interim champion Robert Whittaker was promoted to undisputed champ on December 7, ; incredibly, Whittaker has yet to defend that title.

Finally, a new contender will get his chance. It should be a heck of a fight, too, if the UFC betting lines are any indication. Israel Adesanya Whittaker lifetime, UFC , a native New Zealander now living and fighting out of Sydney, is without a doubt one of the better pound-for-pound fighters in mixed martial arts.

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Then he defeated Gastelum for the interim title two months later, stepping in for Whittaker on just a few hours notice. This could be the beginning of a new era in UFC; Adesanya is naturally much larger than Whittaker, can switch stances at will, and should have at least some of the fans in Melbourne on his side.

Bovada Sportsbook will have fresh odds for all 12 scheduled bouts as the road to UFC continues. This promotion has skyrocketed since its first pay-per-view card in , back when it was no holds barred; new rules and regulations have turned the UFC into a sweet science all its own, allowing the company to spread across the globe.

This UFC Betting introduction will show you how to bet on MMA at Bovada Sportsbook, from basic wagers to simple strategies you can use to knock out your competition. Here are the different ways you can get in on the UFC betting action: UFC Moneyline Betting This has been the standard way to bet on combat sports for well over a century.

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UFC moneyline odds are a form of fixed-odds betting, where you choose one of the two fighters to win straight-up, no point spread attached. In North America, these odds are typically expressed using the American odds format. UFC Parlay Betting A parlay bet is a combination bet that lets you group together a number of individual moneyline wagers.

If you get all your picks right, your payout increases exponentially, but if you get a single pick wrong, the parlay loses.

You can put anywhere between two and 12 moneyline bets in your UFC parlays. The more lines you add, the higher the potential payout. So how do UFC parlay bets work? If you parlayed Johnson together with McGregor, congratulations: Both favorites won their fights.

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury fight time tonight, channel, undercard and odds

You can calculate your potential payouts by multiplying the odds for each fight in your parlay, either by hand or with an online parlay calculator. In general, the UFC odds for each card will be made available well in advance, but every once in a while, speculative odds will be published for a fight that may or may not take place in the future.

This can happen when two really big-name fighters appear to be on a collision course. Betting on UFC futures looks exactly the same as betting on the moneyline.

There will be a favorite and an underdog, and the odds for each fighter will adjust depending on how much action they draw. Once their prospective fight is made official, those odds will be taken off the UFC futures board and put on the regular market.

Tyson Fury Vs. Otto Wallin Odds, Prediction, Preview: Boxing Biz

Styles make fights. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is common, but a well-rounded practitioner will bring other martial arts to the table, be it wrestling, boxing, karate, Muay Thai, sambo, judo, or other forms.

Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting tips & odds: Rematch on 7 December

Ideally, your chosen fighter will be strong in the two basic elements of MMA: striking, and grappling. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. There are 12 different weight classes in the UFC: eight male, and four female. As a rule, the lighter divisions have more of their fights end in decision, while the heavier classes will see more knockouts.

You can use this knowledge, combined with the styles and past records of each fighter, to take advantage of the UFC props. A little research will go a long way in helping you make sharper UFC picks.

In the meantime, you now have everything you need to get started betting on the UFC.

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