Best Live Mascots In Sports

Monday, January 27, 2020 9:03:58 AM

Albert the Alligator Florida Gators In Florida, alligators are commonly found in places alligators should not be, such as in-ground pools and, ahem, sand traps. Albert the Alligator, seen here interfering with play at the university golf course, was invented in in … um, Charlottesville, Virginia. A University of Virginia law student and his father sought a Florida pennant and couldn't find one.

But the thing about animals is that we don't share a language with them and they lack complex reasoning skills.

The Secret Life of Live Mascots

This adds an element of excitement mixed with just a little bit of fear that something could go horribly wrong. Click through the slideshow and behold video footage of the 14 best live mascots in college sports doing what they do.

SLIDE 2 of 14 Ralphie - Colorado Colorado enjoys flying close to the sun by inviting a gosh-dang buffalo to run across its field before every home game, and for that they deserve our respect.

In , Ralphie V nearly trampled one of her handlers and made a daring escape attempt.

Bevo honored as best live animal mascot in college football

This leads to many photos of him cooling off in his dog house, which is a very cute thing for a dog to do. Hang in there, buddy.

Boomer & Sooner We here on the college football side like to get in the March Madness spirit by coming up with some brackets of our own.
The 14 best live animal mascots in college sports Support your school by voting in the poll in this article and see which programs index strongest each week during the regular season.
USC's 'Cocky' makes Top 10 all Comment Who is the best boy on the Georgia football team?
' + d.postTitle + ' These are popular advertising animals that are easily recognizable.
Top Dog Mascots in College Sports He was created with input from Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, and was designed to embody the Philadelphia fans' faithfulness and support. The Phanatic is one of three mascots to have its costume in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

On Renegade's back, he's a warrior ready for battle. How this doesn't go horribly awry every week is one of nature's great mysteries. Pepper but realized that was a bad idea.

These are the most entertaining mascots in US sports

But that's OK, Arkansas, we'll allow it. State tried to use an actual wolf as its mascot, but that didn't always go so well. SLIDE 14 of

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