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I also play hockey. InI told my then boyfriend that I wanted to go ice skating for my birthday. While we were there, I picked up a flyer for the learn to play class. This would be fun to do together, I told him.

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Please log in to bookmark this story. A controversial advertising campaign by Labatt Brewing Co.

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It also has other members of the advertising community crying foul. That didn't stop Labatt from still trying to exploit hockey as a promotional tool here in Canada.

VIDEO: ‘Beer league’ hockey for kids at a Surrey rink that bustles each spring

In one of its more creative campaigns, Labatt staged the hockey flash-mob event when it surprised some beer-league hockey players in Mississauga by putting them in a Budweiser commercial.

The commercial has attracted almost four million views on the Internet. Fair enough.

  • When these players first step onto the ice, they look like any other group of weekend warriors, but the giveaway is the crest on a few of their jerseys: a shamrock with St.
  • Each spring, when local hockey associations conclude their seasons, a large number of young players lace up for some additional on-ice action, in a much less structured environment. The facility in Surrey is a unique one that attracts young players from as far afield as Chilliwack and Whistler for weekly hour-long games.
  • After asking my Finnish sources what this TV show as all about, I was sent some links to help out.
  • I can take a look at a Yankees-Browns game from most likely won by the Yankees and almost recreate the game in my head.

Making lemonade from a lemon. In its promotion, Labatt promises a fan tickets to 20 games a year for 50 years to any Canadian hockey team in its home city. It doesn't specify tickets to which team, but it implies that NHL teams are included.

Coming as the buy did at the start of the playoffs, Labatt is accused of trying to exploit the lucrative postseason marketing period when it doesn't have the rights.

Story continues below advertisement Molson has cried foul, pointing out that some commercial buys are in NHL cities, implying you can win tickets to those teams.

This brand protection is not dissimilar to efforts made by the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee to root out any commercial references to the word Olympics or its logo by non-rights-holders before and during the Games. Or the infamous case of Dutch beer company Bavaria, which employed girls dressed in its branded orange colours in the stands of games at the soccer's World Cup in — even though another company held the rights.

Labatt has been vague about the details of how the tickets will be awarded.

TV beer battles come to a head

The fine print of the Labatt ad also acknowledges that "Budweiser is not an official sponsor of the National Hockey League and that the 'Playoff Payoff' contest isn't licensed or sponsored by, or otherwise associated with the NHL or its teams.

The promotion also rankles others in the business.

Cooper, whose company does NHL sponsorships but has no connection to the Playoff Payoff fight, believes that Labatt's tack is dirty pool. Labatt is letting consumers fill in the blanks.

Razor With an Edge: Beer League Analytics

If we don't check this ourselves, then who will? So far, the league has posted this message on its website, NHL. Thursday the NHL declined a request for comment on the issue.

hockey final 2018 tv schedule

But sources tell Usual Suspects that the league is waiting to see how Labatt tries to convert its promotion into actual NHL tickets before it acts. Should Labatt provide authentic NHL tickets, then the league may have the legal connection to act.

It might be a different issue if Labatt gives the fan the equivalent money to buy whatever tickets the winner wants. This is an ambush of the highest degree.

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The pair expected to be hosts of pregame and intermissions of the world hockey championships on Thursday from TSN's Toronto studios.

Then announcer Dave Randorf, who was to call the two games live from Sweden, was sidelined by illness. So Black and Errey called both games off monitors back in the Toronto studios. Might be the best save of the tournament.

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