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Thursday, October 3, 2019 4:51:37 AM

The tournament is hosted by China and will take place from 31 August to 15 September. And after defeating the mighty USA in a warm-up match, the Boomers are eyeing the prize. Here is everything you need to know about this huge basketball tournament.

World Basketball Championship game online

  • The defending champions qualified from Group E with three wins in three games and now find themselves in Group J alongside Brazil, Greece and the Czech Republic.
  • Things are said.
  • Against host Australia, which was buoyed by a thunderous crowd, the Americans found out their path indeed will be difficult.
  • Storylines USA: Team USA may be , but there is still a lot of room for improvement, as it took overtime and some poor free-throw shooting on Turkey's part for them to walk away with a win in their second game. If the team wants to win its third straight FIBA gold medal, it will need to play better basketball moving forward; something that the players are aware of.
  • They also defeated South Korea and Nigeria to end with a 3—0 record in the first round. Their win against Poland won them the group.
  • This safe online streaming guide will help you watch the basketball World Cup while keeping your online activity private and secure.

Javier Mojica of Puerto Rico jumped up to shoot a decisive two-pointer with 0. This amazing moment was broadcasting live to every household in China.

A man surnamed Zhang, who watched the game in a bar in Beijing, said the incredible last shot has brought him back to an unforgettable game he watched 13 years ago, when guard Wang Shipeng made a 3-point shot at the buzzer and helped China beat Slovenia in the last game of group D in FIBA World Championship.

For audience members who are not present in the court, advanced broadcasting technology is the key to provide them with a satisfying watching experience. It is the first Chinese company to have public signal broadcasting rights for this top-level international sports event.

Among this equipment are 6 fast track cameras, including three 3-time-speed cameras and one ultrahigh-speed camera that can capture video at up to frames per second.

How To Watch Team USA And Australia At The FIBA World Cup

EVS is globally recognized as the most developed company in live video technology for broadcast and new media productions. To provide high-quality slow motion replay in the game, Tencent used four sets of EVS 12 channel production servers, each equipped with high-speed replay service. All cameras are connected to the replay system and interconnected with a network to achieve the fast transfer of video clips, so that every exciting moment in each game to be replayed immediately.

USA Men Fall to Australia

For audio production and broadcasting, Tencent Sports set up nearly 20 hyper-cardioid microphones around the court, the auditorium and other places. Micro directional microphones were installed on the back side of the basket to collect the sound of the ball's bounce. Many chip microphones were also posted on the ground.

FIBA^[email protected]!.Turkey v USA Live Free Basketball Tickets, Sun, Oct 13, at PM

All of this allows audience members watching games at home to be privy to the same excitement as those who are courtside. The court is also decked out with state-of-the-art cameras. In addition to the rocking shaft cameras and Steadicam cameras that are often seen in sports events, Tencent Sports set up a suite of equipment specifically for TV production and broadcasting.

For example, a track camera was installed around the whole basketball court, cameras were placed on the top of the court, and remote-controlled micro-camera was set on the back of the backboard.

Sports Focus: Live streaming tech shines at FIBA World Cup

These specially-positioned cameras can make sure that every brilliant scene in the game, in any corner of the court, can be filmed. Digital technology is bringing out dramatic changes to the sports industry in China and around the world.

At the FIBA World Cup, one firm's technological breakthroughs in the field of sports digital production and broadcasting are an example of how technology-driven Internet companies will be a powerful engine of the future development of the sports industry in China.

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